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Our Story

Welcome to the B-Side : Know more about us

Welcome to the B-Side: the place where art and music collide.

Our name is at the heart of what we do.

The ‘B-Side’ was originally known as the song on the flipside of a 12” or 7” vinyl single that backed the ‘A-Side’. Although the B-Side of a track wasn’t always the song that received the most radio play or critical recognition, it was often here that fans would discover a musician’s ‘hidden’ work. The song that spoke to the fans, not just the record labels.
And this is exactly what B-Side is all about.

Our B-Side collections are understated and iconic. We stand proud in our own designs, inspired by the talented hip-hop, grime, house and EDM artists we’ve worked with over the years. Our pieces are a nod to the streets and street artists - to the hidden underground cultures where art so often originates. We aim to reflect this in our own clothing, and each piece comes with its own story.
B-Side isn’t about being flashy or shouting the loudest. Our clothing is simple, easy to style and always comes from our East London roots.

We hope you find something that speaks to you.

Start your B-Side journey right here.