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Henny Community Heavy SweatHenny Community Heavy Sweat
Henny Community Heavy Sweat Sale price£60.50
B-side Community Print JoggersB-side Community Print Joggers
White Community Blur T-ShirtWhite Community Blur T-Shirt
Lexington Community JoggersLexington Community Joggers
Lexington Community Joggers Sale price£101.00
Black Community Blur T-ShirtBlack Community Blur T-Shirt
Black Community Goods Vol. 2 T-Shirt - Orange PrintBlack Community Goods Vol. 2 T-Shirt - Orange Print
Black Community Goods Vol. 2 T-Shirt - White PrintBlack Community Goods Vol. 2 T-Shirt - White Print

B-side Community goods are not just clothes, they are a testament to the power of unity and creativity. This line goes beyond fashion, embodying a lifestyle that celebrates diversity and collaboration. Each piece within the Community collection represents more than just style; it's a symbol of connection and shared values. We're proud to collaborate with local artists and grassroots organizations, creating limited-edition garments that reflect the vibrant tapestry of  culture. From collaborative projects to community events, B-side is committed to fostering meaningful connections and making a positive impact. With B-Side Community, you're not just wearing a garment – you're part of a movement that champions inclusivity and creativity. Let your fashion choices speak volumes about your commitment to building a better, more connected world. With B-side Community, wear, care, share, love.