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The Hoodie: How its Worn

Hoodie: Origin

Everybody likes Hoodie, the beautiful, stylish and comfortable wear but do you know how and when did it surface?

It was in the early twentieth century when American clothing brand Champion produced the first hoody. 

It was initially developed to provide warmth and comfort to laborers working in cold conditions, including New York warehouses. Later on, it became hugely popular not just with workers, but with athletes as well. By the 1970’s, the hoodie became a symbol for hard work. It eventually became a fashionable. In the later years, hoodie was worn by people across generations and is now a wardrobe essential. In the recent times,  it has evolved into a trendy, must-have fashion item. It conveys a chic streetstyle aesthetic, favored by groups of individuals with their own style agenda.

Famous hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky frequently wears a hoodie underneath a jacket, whether a colored denim jacket, a camouflage printed jacket or even a tailored blazer.

DJ Siobhan Bell and model Hailey Baldwin Bieber are fans of wearing an oversized hoodie.   

Hailey likes wearing her big oversized hoodie with short shorts, giving the appearance of wearing the hoodie as a dress, and pairing it with black ankle boots.

Hoodie has been here for over 80 years now is sure  for years down the line.

Here are some chic ways to wear a hoodie:


The loose-fitting, cozy cotton garment can be dressed up or down. Wear it with well-fitted, tailored crombie coat and a pair of sneakers for an elevated sense of style. This type of outfit fits perfectly with today’s modern trend and you can complete the look with a pair of chic sunglasses. This look, while casual, is certain to turn heads your way. 


Want to look unique yet still keep it simple? The hoodie is so versatile, you can dress it up or down any way you want. Layer it on, as you would with your sweatshirt over your shirt of choice, and wear it with a pair of contrasting trousers. Wear a simple white shirt underneath if it’s warm outside or use thicker, warmer fabrics for harsher, colder weather. Versatile colors such as beige, blue, white and grey can look great with any pair of trousers and can work for any stylish attitude.


Choose bold hues, think of visible logos and sport relaxed cuts; get as creative as you can and play with the fit and design in accordance with your taste and preference. Hoodie has always been synonymous with streetwear and urban clothing and yes, it is the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking to portray style and elegance in a one-off vibe.


Are you now ready to sport your new look?