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Steve McQueen Exhibition

Steve McQueen Exhibition

Currently on display at the Tate Modern are the works of renowned artist, film director and screenwriter, Steve McQueen. Although London is the artist’s hometown and a city that continues to inspire him, this is his first major exhibition in London in over 20 years. Not since he won the Turner Prize in 1999 have his works been on display. It’s a rare treat for the many who follow and admire his artistry.

Throughout his career, Steve McQueen has pushed the boundaries of filmmaking and created pioneering approaches that inspire and expand the way artists work with the medium. He is known to create poignant, eye-opening and heavy hitting masterpieces that don’t shy away from the painful truths in society. The artist is the only ever person to win both a Turner Prize and an Academy Award. His captivating works include the critically acclaimed 12 Years a Slave (2013), Shame (2011), and Hunger (2008), just to name a few.

The current exhibition showcases fourteen of his major artworks, that span film, photography and sculpture. One of the first pieces on display is a slideshow of images, including sunsets, art and music, that NASA selected to send out into space and represent life on Earth. Serving as an opening remark, the slideshow is in contrast to the rest of the works on display. As visitors delve deeper into the exhibition, the façade is lifted and realities of life are revealed. Another film on display offers a bird’s eye view of the iconic State of Liberty. However, looking closer, the icon of liberty and freedom shows signs of decay and deterioration.

Among the other art works presented is Exodus, the first film that Steve McQueen shot on a super 8 camera, and the current End Credits, which is being shown for the first time in the UK and is the artist’s homage to singer, actor and civil rights activist Paul Robeson.

The exhibition coincides with his other current work on display at the Tate Britain entitled Steve McQueen: Year 3, featuring portraits of year 3 pupils around London. Both works highlight today’s realities and offer a glimpse into what the future may hold.

Steve McQueen’s exhibition at the Tate Modern opened on 13 February and will be running until 11 May 2020.